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Immunity against pandemic – Domino’s Case Study

As per a study, customers receive nearly 5,000 promotional emails in a month. In the pre-Covid scenario, they didn’t have the time to sit back and go through all those cliche promotional emails. But now that the tables have turned, people have started going through their mails. Perhaps to dig out a coupon code or a discount offer. At this point, it is crucial for restaurant to gain immunity against pandemic by understanding the consumer behavior and patterns to boost the sales.

As a witty restaurant owner, you need to analyze and understand the change in your customer needs and behavior. Don’t you think that there has been a drastic change in their buying behavior post the Covid times?

Before the pandemic, people didn’t have much time to scrounge for discount offers, but now that Covid has made each one of us sit at home, we all have this tendency to keep scrolling through Instagram and order food based on someone’s recommendation. Moreover, people have got the time to scroll through emails to find heavy discounts, so that they can binge on their favorite food item at a really affordable price. Thus, without any further delay, slide into their mailbox with your captivating email campaigns to grab their attention and win their trust to boost immunity against pandemic hit for restaurant revenue.

immunity against pandemic

Here are a few ways that help the restaurants step up their game during the Covid times-

The demand for Curbside ordering or Online Delivery

The country has lately been going through the precarious repercussions of the 2nd Covid-19 wave. Due to this people were bound to stay indoors all over again. This time the restaurant industry was well prepared for the downfall because restaurants had gone through the same situation last year & had no idea on how they can ensure immunity against pandemic & survive in the market.

While the F&B industry is well aware of innovative models like online ordering, curbside pickups, and mobile tracking, some restaurants still lag behind in using these new-age technologies.

One needs to understand that implementing a new concept or model is not enough to proficiently run the restaurant operations. Especially during these challenging times, one needs to take care of the inventory, employees, and look into customer satisfaction at the same time.

Who doesn’t love deals?

Surprise your customers frequently by sharing hot & exclusive deals with them. Be it an email campaign or a simple message, your customers are obsess with words like ‘FREE, DEALS, SALE, COUPON, DISCOUNT’ etc. So make the best use of these power words and make them hit the order button right off the bat.

Offer big Rewards 

Have you heard of the saying, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket’? Yes, it’s true. Never risk yourself or your restaurant business by relying only on one source of income. Look out for different areas from which you can channelize your restaurant revenue. One could certainly be the third-party food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy. Besides this, find out a way to build an independent platform, wherein you can hold on to your loyal customers. Not only this would help you retain existing customers but would let you attract potential customers.

The human mind is driven by motivation, your customers too need the motive to subscribe or sign up to your Web application. So, give them a solid reason to hit that Call to Action button, by offering them heavy discounts, tempting enough to place their first order.

Hoard customer reviews to build credibility

Once you have won your customers’ trust, by receiving frequent orders from them, ask them to share their experience with your restaurant. This way you could build strong social proof to lure potential customers.

immunity against pandemic

Domino’s Case Study

Here is a brief study on Domino’s, a sought after Quick service restaurant. It has been running on the basis of the above strategies way before Covid-19 came into the picture-

Domino’s pizza is running successfully by being ahead of time. While the concept of cloud kitchen may seem a new trend, it really isn’t that new. In fact, Domino’s has been reaping the benefits of this concept for years.

Have you ever pondered over the similarities between a cloud kitchen and Domino’s? The stores have a compact dining space and are majorly optimized for curbside pick-ups and deliveries. Moreover, the packaging is done nicely, so that one can enjoy their meals on their way. Thus, they have been certainly benefiting from the increase in online orders for 2 major reasons-

1 Efficiently balancing between third-party food delivery services and their own online ordering platform.

2 They have been using the concept of online ordering, curbside ordering, and delivery tracking since the year 2009. Thus, they already had their business model well aligned with what is the need of the hour.

The above guide explains pretty much well. The importance of automated restaurant ordering which can help restaurants to boost immunity against pandemic hit or likewise situations. So don’t delay it any further, and try to stay ahead of your competitors by innovating new things!

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