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How Branding can help restaurants become successful

“A business without a branding strategy is like a sweet dish without garnishing” Have you ever wondered what branding can do to your hyperlocal business? Or do you also hold a perception that branding is only for luxury and sought-after brands? Fret not, you can also be one of the top restaurants in the country, by following our branding mantras. But, before that, you need to understand the importance of building a powerful brand and how branding can help restaurants become successful.

Why is building a brand important?

Setting up a business and running the operations smoothly is something that anyone can do, but what can you do to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Here is when branding comes into the picture!

branding can help restaurants become successful

Having well-aligned aesthetics and an attractive theme can captivate those people who resonate with your brand identity through your logo, theme, colors, and brand values. This in turn would help you achieve a refined set of audiences, thereby making it easy to target more people.

Now that you know that what branding can do to your restaurant business, here are a few ways in which you can create brand awareness for your restaurant-

Restaurant Name

A restaurant name should be catchy enough to help you create a buzzword among your customers. It should reflect what your restaurant offers or it could be related to the cuisine of your restaurant as well. In short, the restaurant name should be catchy, short, and precise. Eg. Pizza Hut and Dominos have a crisp, simple and unique name which is easy to remember and pronounce.

Restaurant Logo

Your brand logo should be in sync with your brand philosophy. It would help your customers understand your services better and would leave an imprint on what your restaurant serves. Eg. Subway’s yellow and green logo, captures the essence of eating healthy and fresh. This makes it easier to build a target audience of those people who believe in eating veggies.


A tagline goes hand in hand with your restaurant logo because it acts as a catalyst to your ethos and brand philosophy. It would also help you to make customers perceive your brand the way you want. Eg. Dunkin Donuts has the tagline ‘ Get your Mojo back’ which helps the people perceive that they can grab a sweet sugary donut to regain their peace of mind, especially when everything is going wrong.

Brand Colors

Human Brain processes colors before it processes shapes or symbols. So, the primary colors of a restaurant are the pillar of its theme, logo, and website.

Storefront Design

Be it a Quick Service restaurant or a Full-service restaurant. The storefront decides the number of visitors your restaurant would get in a month. This part of the branding is highly crucial because this helps you redefine your customers’ experience at your outlet.

Choose your brand colors wisely, by understanding the color psychology. Doing so will help you allocate specific colors that resonate with the idea of your restaurant. Eg. Mcdonald’s has a red and yellow theme, which reflects fun and happiness. Also, the yellow M is clearly visible over the red, even in a crowded public place, thus this fast-food chain chose these two colors to represent their brand identity.

“Dont, sell food, sell experiences” If you want to do so, then keep the interiors or location as per the theme of your restaurant.

Now that you know how branding can help you become a sought-after brand and how branding can help restaurants become successful, you can start experimenting with various permutations and combinations of social media, traditional marketing, advertisements, etc to set your restaurant apart from others. You can also visit our blog on Branding is quite different from marketing, it evolves as your restaurant grows. Also, it requires repetition of processes, to achieve a powerful brand image. Such processes involve customer engagements, online ordering, social media integration, and a lot more.

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