Why customer data for restaurant success is important?

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on data more than ever before. Data has always helped shape the future but Big Data, as Silicon Valley calls it aims to take this to unprecedented levels. There is a saying in the tech world: “When you are getting a service for free, you are the product.” Sadly, for restaurants, they are already paying exorbitant commissions while being fleeced for their data & there is a huge impact of customer data for restaurant success. The importance of this data is evident to aggregators who get huge amounts of data each day from multiple sources. A few examples are customer preferences, frequently ordered items, average order value, and incomplete orders. The aggregators collect this data from consumers and restaurants to understand the complete picture of day to day operations.


How and why data is collected?

Restaurants have accused aggregators of unfair practices but there’s a lot of grey area when it comes to how the data being collected is being utilized. Most consumers were elated when they received an email detailing their ordering habits throughout the year and Instagram posts from aggregators provided statistics about the eating habits of the country. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Aggregators are not transparent about the data they collect. As is the case with every company collecting data, there’s usually no accountability. Some aggregators are even going as far as using key customer data from restaurants.  They set-up cloud kitchens serving trending menu items at cheaper prices in hotspots and competing with the same restaurants they charge huge commissions on orders and extra fees to promote. One can’t help but wonder about a conflict of interest.

customer data for restaurant success

How data can benefit?

Restaurateurs are realizing the value behind this data and are becoming increasingly wary of how and who uses their data. They can move their operations to an independent platform and take control of their data to avoid misuse. To equip with a responsive mobile application as well as a website which you may optimize for orders is one of the ways restaurants can gather important data. Data through daily operations which you can optimize to provide instant analytics. Most frequently ordered menu items, ordering method, and order size are critical for acquiring new customers, increasing ticker values, and guaranteeing repeat orders. With this, Restaurants can also achieve better customer experience. With the help of accurate data such as average order fulfillment time and average delivery time to provide better estimates.

customer data for restaurant success

Using data efficiently

Finding out and fixing operational problems becomes easier when data can help narrow down the cause. making it easier to focus on other needs of the business. Restaurants can use data to increase their margins on a particular menu item or creating unique offers pairing different menu items depending on customer feedback. Re-engaging customers becomes seamless and easy with the help of data. A simple text message or a push notification you can send to loyal customers. Subsequently, the customer add something to the cart but they choose not to order from the restaurant in a while. You can even automate this. Hence, data gives restaurants the flexibility to experiment with their menu, delivery radius, and even their operational timings. In times when most restaurants are struggling to cover overhead costs, this flexibility can come at no additional cost.


Customer data alone can’t solve other problems that restaurants face. It’s one of the most effective tools as the element is customer data for restaurant success. To understand the importance of customer data, visit https://blog.yumzyx.com/restaurants-can-turn-customer-data-into-dollars/

Here’s where YumzyX can help restaurants harness their data and use it to their advantage. Our AI-powered analysis ensures that you get information about your customers and operations. We create responsive dashboards that make it easy for you to access that information. Our team helps you with data, how you can improve your brand and scale up in your market. Reach out to us.

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