Emerging Trends in Indian F&B Industry

Who doesn’t love food! Right? We are all obsessed with some kind of food whether it is fast food, Chinese food, Indian homestyle food, or even diet food. We either follow our diet religiously or feed our cravings fully and frequently. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit and had a very strong impact on our food cravings and eating habits. We have seen lots of emerging trends in the Indian F&B Industry since Covid-Hit. Some of us were habitual to eating at fancy restaurants while some used to rely on food delivery services. The pandemic closed all the doors at once. This was the time where our food preferences changed in every way!

We never thought that something like this pandemic would happen and we hope lockdown restrictions never come back again! The time period of lockdown where we started spending time with our families and the period which ended up with all of us trying almost all our favorite and trending food recipes and yogas suddenly became some of our best memories of the year 2020. 


Opportunities amid uncertainty

After some relief in the covid-restriction approved by the Government of India. We had no choice to go out and eat. We all started exploring and relying more on food delivery service and food delivery aggregators. The PRIME Report states that 43% of the restaurants started looking out for a way to deliver the food directly to the consumers because of heavy commissions that were charged by the aggregators while 57% of the restaurants kept relying upon these food delivery services aggregators. 

Emerging trends


Reliance on Aggregator

Between the whole situation, the reliance on food delivery service aggregators and enjoying the food at home became a new normal of our life. This continuous reliance of consumers on the food delivery service aggregators had left no choice for the restaurants but to depend on these aggregators only. While the dependency started increasing and due to which the cash-burn of the restaurants on these aggregators eventually affected the end-consumer. This resulted in the ultimate food charges becoming much higher than a normal price of a dish. 

Emerging trends

For a restaurant business, it becomes almost impossible to have all adequate resources. Technical support, marketing, delivery partners, payment gateway integration all at once to start with their own food delivery services.  To know more on how you can make your restaurant stay afloat during the pandemic, Visit – https://blog.yumzyx.com/how-to-make-your-restaurant-stay-afloat-during-the-pandemic/


The solution?

The solution to the problems arising and which may also continue to become more complex is to have a system to build recognition of these hyperlocal brands who want to capture the market. At the same time do not have the adequate knowledge and skillset to emerge and empower themselves. 


To understand more about the emerging trends in the Indian Food and Beverage Industry do check our detailed video below:


We, at YumzyX, are trying to empower these hyperlocal brands by providing an all-in-one solution to them. Our aim is to build a direct Business-Customer relationship between the restaurant and the consumer. 

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