Evolve your Business into a Brand

Businesses survive, but brands live .A business isn’t just about making sales, producing products, or making profits. The essential factor that enables your business to live forever is “Branding”. Think about it! Recollect 5 products that you use every day like shoes, stationery, clothes, etc. At least one brand strikes your mind every time you take the name of a product. Undeniably, a healthy brand agglutinates its name into the minds of the consumers its crucial to Evolve your Business into a Brand

Time never stays kind to businesses who plan to stick with aged strategies and having a headstrong attitude towards maintaining a monotonous approach for their customers. The evolution from keeping your business’s name on top of the balance sheet to including it in the balance sheet is the journey of every business turning into a brand. Although, transforming from a business to a brand, takes a lot of effort in every aspect of the business. Essentials right from technology, marketing, operations and sales. Before getting down to how to transform your business into a brand, understand the reasons behind the brand building. 

Why your business needs Branding

Every product in the market today has multiple sources. However, there will always be one brand that although isn’t in the monopolistic market, it builds an image like the current ruling one. Let’s face it. There will always be that one particular brand that comes to your mind when someone says “butter”. Probably a cute little girl, tasting the fresh butter spread on a slice of bread. Branding creates a clear image in the consumer’s mind. It imprints the goals, essence, promises that a brand makes to the audience. In other words, branding helps in getting your business recognized, adds brand value, and generates revenue. 

Planning a business might sound easy. However, building a brand is a lot more difficult than it seems. Branding can’t happen overnight, it takes huge amounts of effort and patience. But how to evolve your Business into a Brand remains a question.

Keep the promise

The main essence of any business is to solve problems. Stick firmly to the visions and missions set in the beginning. Brands do speak! Branding evokes the trust of your customers. Compromising on quality and customer satisfaction doesn’t help businesses who are willing to evolve into full-fledged brands. We all know Nike’s tagline is “Just do it”. But, Nike’s mission is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. Nike carries its mission everywhere.

 Business into a Brand

Furthermore, they made sure that their target audience is not only sports athletes, but everybody in general, by adding the sentence “If you have a body, you are an Athlete” to their mission statement. Indeed, they focus on their mission and ensure that every customer who uses their product, makes the most out of it. A successful brand always anchors its promises they make to its customers.  

Build your story

Stories always sell. The origin of every business has a reason, but portraying it to your audience in a manner that motivates them to understand the sole purpose of your business adds a huge factor in brand building. A brand story is the heart of the business. It’s more than the “About Us” section of your web page. A captivating story builds emotion and connects your audience closer to your brand. Most of us know the history of the brand KFC. Apart from its “Finger Lickin’ Good” taste, KFC is known for a strong brand story that emerges an emotional connection with the customers. 

Business into a Brand

KFC can be simply described as “A fast-food chain that sells fried chicken” but KFC has chosen to make sure its customer base knows the story. Besides this, the story also lights several morals that inspire a lot of individuals. Narrating your business’ history lets your audience understand that your brand has human emotions, and you as the founder are no different from your business.


Be unique, but uniform  

While you “keep the promise” to solve your customer needs, it is equally important to stand out from the crowd. Brand identity isn’t just about your logo. A brand lives in every product it sells. Right from product packaging, to a message you are rolling out to your customers, impacts brand identity. Know your audience and tone your content and designs in accordance with your brand. For example, if you’re a business that solves technical problems of particular software, you know your audience is niche, be more professional and classy. On the other hand, if you own a boulangerie, you know your audience covers a wide range of categories right from the age of 8 to 65. In this scenario, your brand tone must be casual and quirky so that an average customer understands your brand better. Ensure your brand speaks differently and maintains it throughout.

However, adding a unique selling point ushers towards building a remarkable brand identity. Try to give more than what your customer needs without incurring huge investments. For example, displaying a mini library in a cafe or conducting “giveaways” on events, helps your audience retain back to your business. So, “Promise them the wine, but bring chocolates too.” 

Focus on Customer Service

Consumers can make or break a brand. After-sales service impacts a brand image in the long run. Studies have shown that 69% of consumers would recommend the brand to their friends and family if they encounter positive customer service. While 55% of consumers become regular customers because of great customer service. Make your customers feel important, make them believe that their brand is more than just revenue or profits. Healthy customer service not only solves customer problems but also helps in retaining them.

 Business into a Brand

In the current era, a lot of brands have chosen cost-effective customer service channels like WhatsApp and Messenger. Despite dedicated channels for customer service being made, some customers chose to publicize their bad experience with your brand. Brands should ensure they address every query they face from different corners of the internet to actually evolve your Business into a Brand.

The Conclusion

The mantra for a successful brand isn’t an easy one. To turn a business into a brand takes a huge amount of efforts and expert advice. When your brand name gets registered in a customer’s mind it curates an asset of great value. But reaching that point isn’t an easy task. One might need serious people working towards building your brand value. We at YumzyX help Hyperlocal brands to redefine and build a successful brand strategy. We got you a dedicated team working for your Brand’s growth. To know how branding can help business grow, visit https://blog.yumzyx.com/why-hyperlocal-brand-needs-technology/ Right from website building, application development, customer support to integrated delivery fleet, we provide the perfect package that develops a positive brand identity for your business and to Evolve your Business into a Brand. 

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