Food and Beverages Industry Insights

Food & Beverage Industry Insights – India 2022


Food & Beverage Industry Insights – India

The whole ecosystem of the Food & Beverage industry has changed within a few years. Today, every restaurant understands the gap in technical skills and upgrades required to digitally transform their restaurant business to get recognition and attention from their customers. A restaurant business needs to be aware of the changing trends in the Food and Beverage industry to stay on top of the competition.

So, here are a few insights into the new ecosystem of the Food & Beverage Industry that evolved during the Covid-19.

Aggregator platforms to the rescue

With the change in the eating habits of consumers, the restaurant business has also taken a path of relying on online orders. Since most restaurants were new to the online food delivery niche, they lacked expertise and control over technology and skills. The latter eventually forced them to rely more on food aggregator platforms.

Aggregators shadowing the brand name

Restaurant brands have lost their identity somewhere during the change in habits of consumers from fighting to go to particular restaurants have shifted towards getting the most inexpensive food delivered at home. The aggregator’s platforms having duopoly are continuously using it to their advantage.

Adaptation of Cloud Kitchens

With the sudden stalling of the world due to Covid-19, many restaurant businesses were shut down, due to low sales. Then as a part of the recovery and sustaining their business, many restaurants began preferring Cloud Kitchens over aggregator platforms.

Despite shifting to Cloud Kitchens, many restaurants lost their brand recognition somewhere along the way. A few of the challenges such as lack of technology for their online ordering platform, recognition in the market, customer support services, online payment integration, etc. contributed to the failure.

Sustaining your restaurant business

It is evident that for a restaurant to survive and stay ahead of its competitors, it needs to create its own brand identity. But for many of the restaurants, this might seem quite tough to achieve due to the fluctuating market conditions.

So, it makes sense to join hands with a proper aggregator platform and keep the business running. But the sad part is that most of these restaurants are often manipulated, and charged heavy commissions by the aggregator platforms for the services.

How is Yumzy different from other aggregator platforms?

But, we at Yumzy follow a unique approach, by which we not only empower the brand but also fill the existing gaps in the food and beverage industry. We eliminate the hidden commission charges and make sure that the restaurants have enough liberty and flexibility to create their own identity in the marketplace.

We also offer a simple to use and flexible online ordering platform, technical assistance, omnichannel marketing, customer support services, payment gateway integration and much more.

Get in touch with us if you are looking to grow your restaurant business on an affordable and flexible scale!

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