Growing Hyperlocal brand to reach wider audience

Marketing has always been one of the most important aspects of running a successful business and its significance has only increased in recent years. A decreasing attention span which has been a direct result of the rise of social media has only made marketing difficult when consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Nowadays, if a brand doesn’t have an online presence is losing out on potential business. Many brands struggle to establish a name for themselves and growing Hyperlocal brand even if they have a great product. This is where having a marketing strategy can help brands immensely.

For any hyperlocal brand, getting its name out is considered one of the first priorities. Especially when it comes to a particular area that they are targeting. Making consumers aware of their product and the values they represent isn’t as easy as posting a photo of their catalog on social media. Brands hoping to achieve an organic following spend time curating their social media pages. This isn’t just limited to posting the occasional festive greeting with a company logo superimposed on the image but actively connecting with consumers on social media and resolving their problems. Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are being used by an increasing number of brands to resolve customer issues.

Growing Hyperlocal brand

Traditional media still has a role to play but the shift has been drastic in recent years with people switching to OTT platforms like Netflix just to avoid advertisements and the decline in consumption of print media with people getting their news online. The decline of traditional media has opened up newer forms of advertising with social media becoming the undisputed giant of the industry. Influencer Marketing, Meme Marketing, and Targeted Advertising gives control over demographic and reach unlike ever before and insights help plan future campaigns even better.

Sassy tweets might not be everyone’s cup of tea but seeing a hot take on a trending topic from a local brand always turns heads. That’s one way to organically reach a wider audience. It might not make sense anymore to print pamphlets and slip them inside newspapers to reach a huge number of people but ideas such as a handwritten note with an order or a free sample for a new dish are just some of the ways how brands linger in the minds of their customers. Getting that highly coveted word of mouth going comes easily for brands that make such efforts continuously.

Growing Hyperlocal brand

While many brands prefer to let their product do the talking, it’s still important to pay attention to how the brand is perceived by consumers. Recently, Myntra was in the news for changing its logo because it was considered offensive by a customer. The amount of press this logo change has gathered made it a good marketing move making even more people aware of Myntra. In the world of advertising, brands spend huge amounts of money to achieve this and still aren’t guaranteed results but this is one example of how you can turn a setback into a potential opportunity.

Thinking outside the box is important in an era of fast-evolving technology when trends become ancient in a week. You can also read our blog to make sure your hyperlocal brand isn’t facing any problem – YumzyX helps come up with a strategy that suits your vision and goals as a brand. We provide services that range from packaging re-design to influencer marketing. We make sure that you establish and maintain a connection with your customer and stay relevant in the market for years to come. Our ideas will help scale up your business and reach new heights. Contact us to know more about our services and how we can help you in growing Hyperlocal brand.


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