How technology improves logistics

Advances in technology always lead to the immediate realization of how bad the previous system worked but it’s nowhere more apparent than the domain of logistics. From calling your favorite restaurant to enquire about your order to giving detailed instructions about nearby landmarks to the delivery personnel. Consumers who have never experienced the previous era of technology often can’t appreciate the advancements that have made life easier for them as well as for businesses. Hyperlocal brands encounter most challenges in their logistics when it comes to operations. With the possibilities in artificial intelligence, the future of logistics might become optimized even further and with blog we will understand How technology improves logistics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have revolutionized the way data is used and its real-world applications have already proven to be effective in innumerable ways. Logistics generates a huge amount of data daily and if utilized correctly, it can lead to positive results in cost-cutting, time management, and last-mile delivery. The process to optimize a supply chain is not easy any stretch and rising consumer demands are making businesses adapt or fall behind. The supply chains of tomorrow might take a little longer to involve drones, autonomous vehicles, and robotics for last-mile delivery, especially in a country like India but other advancements are already shaping up logistics for the future.


Fleet Management

GPS-based fleet management and the ability to set-up geo-fences ensure the maximum efficiency is generated by a fleet. A business can track its fleet with great accuracy and plan ahead for better time management. Geo-fencing helps identify and define the perfect delivery radius and fasten the rate of order fulfillment. The implementation of these technologies can be fine-tuned with ease to suit the needs or to focus on one particular aspect. IoT and RFID make highly accurate fleet management a cost-effective affair.

How technology improves logistics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence covers a diverse range of technologies that learn and optimize logistics from within. Cloud Computing and Analytics is one of the aspects. In the past, while data capturing was still possible, organizing and analyzing that data was uncomprehend. With the advancements in cloud computing infrastructure, it’s possible to access data from anywhere and real-time analysis of daily operations helps keep an eye on every detail. AI is also used by businesses to create chatbots and solve frequently asked queries by customers.

How technology improves logistics


Blockchain is a reliable system comprising a series of blocks that record transactional information. Any information addition or modification in the dataset can only be done by adding a block to the hash tree. This information is then verified and synchronized by all the participating parties. Blockchain prevents duplication of orders and helps prevent irregularities. With the help of blockchain technology, businesses can keep track of each stage of a product. Right from the source, till the delivery.

How technology improves logistics

Technology has a very important role to play in optimizing any business and making it future-ready. Brands only have two options: Adapt or Get left behind. Let’s say, you have a business that has seen some ups and downs since the pandemic and wants to utilize this opportunity to implement emerging technologies into its operations so it can become future-ready and solve existing problems in the supply chain. While finding the technology isn’t difficult in today’s market, it’s important to know how exactly How technology improves logistics that is going to solve your problems.

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