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How to make your restaurant stay afloat during the pandemic

A multitude of restaurants and cafes have been facing a heavy downfall as the pandemic continues to disrupt businesses in all sectors. But, some are lucky enough to make their business immune from the repercussions of the pandemic. They have proved that “sweet are the uses of adversity” by using this situation as an opportunity to innovate and implement alternate ways to redefine their target audience and generate massive revenues. Do you also wish to be the ones who are boosting their revenue in this pandemic? 

Here are a few ways with which you can promote your business from the comfort of your couch-

Brand Building on Social Media 

Handling operations and taking care of the customers used to be a major area of work during the pre-pandemic times, and there was probably not enough time to impress your customers with branding on social media.

Now that you are free from the rush hour on the restaurant floor, why not consider clicking pictures or capturing videos of your kitchen. Yes, they love your food, but more importantly, they should love you.

One of the big reasons that your clientele chooses to dine in with you is because of the experience you provide. So try to create stories from every corner of your kitchen and build strong customer relationships at one tap of your fingertip.

Doing such sweet and nice activities would not only make your existing customers happy, but it would also help you generate new leads for your Business.

Here are a few activities you can do to help people connect with your restaurant business-

  • Instagram reels
  • IGTV Videos
  • Create short stories about your day
  • Weekly quizzes or giveaways
  • Share simple recipes or tricks

restaurant employees, employee management, restaurant industry, restaurant goodies, personalized orders

Personalize your orders 

Since you are not getting to attend to your customers personally, it hinders you from focusing on customer satisfaction. To make your customers feel special, you can put handwritten notes, or DIY gifts to add a personal spark to your next order. Such small efforts will naturally make your customers inclined towards your restaurant since DIY gifts reflect an emotional appeal which might even turn your first orders into your loyal customers.

restaurant employees, employee management, restaurant industry, restaurant goodies

Send Goodies 

During a pandemic, it gets a little tricky to maintain relationships with your customers. Why not think of uplifting their mood by sending complimentary treats and dishes?

Be it a cupcake, chocolate, or a pastry, sweet things help in creating sweet memories. So try to find out if your customer has got a sweet tooth. Who knows, he might end up ordering the same pastry the next day!

restaurant employees, employee management, restaurant industry, restaurant goodies, restaurant branding

Document your journey to reopen your Outlet

As things will be getting back to normal, people will again be looking out for places to chill and relax on weekends. But to stay ahead of your competitors, look out for creating a curtain-raiser or a hype before you reopen your restaurant for your customers.

Doing so will help your audience connect with you, and this would help you bring a rush to your restaurant floor once the restrictions are being lifted.

Well, these were some of the strategies that could be used to enhance operations during the lockdown. We would love to know, what ways you are trying to satisfy your customers?

Stay Safe! Stay Home!

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