How to start a restaurant business in India

Restaurants and cafes are the go-to places of Millenials while the aesthetic ambiance is an elaborative winner. So how about launching one?

Deep diving into what’s next for starting a cafe business of your own.

Style of Restaurant 

The most important part of starting a restaurant business is to decide whether you wish to start a dine-in restaurant/cloud kitchen or cafe. In addition, with the advancement of technology and changing eating habits of consumers, it is crucial to decide which style of restaurant you would like to start! You also need to ensure you have a unique name and brand logo if you wish to start a restaurant of your own.

Franchise or Own Brand

The second step is to decide whether you wish to franchise an existing brand of the market or you wish to start with your own brand.

A franchise restaurants business is a good choice if you don’t wish to put a lot of effort into marketing & brand recognition but requires you to sign a franchise agreement with the Brand and abide by their rules & policies while sharing the profits with the Brand. 

Similarly, starting your own restaurant will require more investments and time to build a well-known brand in the marketplace. 

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Investment and Costs

The investment required to bear all the expenses for starting and running the restaurant business will depend on various factors like City, Location, Cost of Labor, Interior decor, Technology, Kitchen Equipment, Staff, required Licenses,  Marketing expenses, and the time required to gain the customer loyalty towards the brand.

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License and Registration

You need various licenses and registration to start a restaurant business in India. The license required are :

  • Business registration
  • FSSAI License
  • Eating House License
  • Health/Trade License
  • Environment clearance License
  • GST registration
  • Fire Safety License
  • Shop & Establishment license

(Other licenses and approval may vary from your choice of style of restaurant & local laws of the state.)

Menu designing & Technology Advancement

After getting all the approval from government authorities & arranging the location & investment for your restaurant business, you need to make a menu of food & beverages that you wish to serve at your restaurant. You may additionally consider making the menu as per the ingredients required in making those dishes. Similar ingredients required for dishes may help to reduce the cost & wastage. Similarly, technology advancement plays an important role in brand recognition for restaurant businesses. Most of the consumers can be attracted through Instagram, promotions, loyalty programs, online order management, etc.

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If you still have doubts about starting your own restaurant, YumzyX can assist you to manage your restaurants through its online ordering platform, omnichannel marketing, customer services, payment integration, etc.

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