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The powerful impact of influencers on brands

Imagine how powerful impact of influencers on brands can be? It may leave a long lasting impression in the minds of the consumers. Even one of the most sought-after brands like Coca-Cola can have a substantial change in its stock market value overnight. An influencer can completely turn the tables for your business, by either taking your business to the heights of success or by dropping it down to where it started.

With the emergence of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter more and more people are focusing on building a community online. It  would help the restaurant business or brand generate a crazy number of leads.

Last week a controversial incident took place at the Euro press conference 2020, where arguably the biggest star in football. Cristiano Ronaldo inadvertently caused a worldwide stir by straight away putting the Coca-Cola bottles out of the camera frame. This reflects how word-of-mouth, meaningful shared opinions, and individual experiences of influencers, acutely reshapes a brand image.  Henceforth, influencer marketing can be considered as a perfect marketing Instrument.

Powerful impact of influencers on brands

What was the Cristiano Ronaldo Coca-Cola incident?

This incident took place last week during the first pre-match press conference at the Euro 2020 tournament. The 36-year-old, who has 305mn followers on Instagram categorically removed the Coca-Cola bottles from the camera and replaced them with a water bottle. Ronaldo held up the water bottle before seating and said the word’ Agua’ which is a Portuguese term for water. Thereby, urging his fans and followers to drink water over Coca-Cola. This small incident had spread like fire. Moreover, their market value decreased by an estimated $4 billion dollars. But, did Ronaldo cause this drop in the stock price? No, he had created ‘market noise’ that caused a fluctuation in the share prices of Coca-Cola.

Market noise is a phenomenon that results in normal day-to-day fluctuation in the securities market.

Powerful impact of influencers on brands

How Influencers can reshape Your Restaurant’s Brand Image?

If you want to try the new-age ways of boosting your restaurant sales, then consider thinking out of the box. Pitch to a huge number of influencers or food bloggers in your vicinity because they hold the future of your brand. Getting inspire with such controversial incidents and redefine your business strategies to the point you start getting queries. Have an influencer as the face of your restaurant business or partnering with bloggers. It helps to recommend your food could help you boost your business at rocket speed.

While an influencer would help in endorsing your brand, always be prepared with a backup plan or a crisis management strategy, in case an influencer ends up mocking your product or brand values.

Why is it so important to choose the right influencer?

It is of utmost importance that you choose the right influencer for your brand because your target audience should be able to relate to the gestures and language he is using as there is a powerful impact of influencers on brands. If the influencer is not inspiring or entertaining for the people then he won’t be able to grab their attention. But if his voice and words are catchy, it is going to have a lasting impression on your customers. Additionally, his followers might become a huge source of leads for your restaurant business.

Influencers indeed help in swaying your customers’ opinion thus, the Coca-Cola Ronaldo controversy went so viral among the people that it had completely turned the tables for this reputed beverage company, thereby causing a substantial fluctuation in its share prices.

Let us know how useful an influencer could be for your restaurant business because, in the end, your opinion matters to us!

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