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Professional photos of your restaurant food at zero cost

Do you want to show off your mouth-watering restaurant dishes by clicking professional photos of your restaurant food that are being delectably prepared in your kitchen? Well in this case you don’t have to go out of your way. It’s going to be easy-peasy.

So the very first step – Be a customer!

Yes, you heard it right. To bring out fantastic food shots of your dishes you have to bamboozle your mind into thinking that you are not just a restaurant owner but also a customer who wants to dine in and take amazing food shots while enjoying the ambience. Thus, start learning food photography from every possible source.

Well for learning food photography you might have to visit some other restaurants in the vicinity to get into your customer’s shoes. So please do that…….

Click from every possible angle you can and soak up in the ambience so that you can experiment with distinctive patterns, color combinations, and different food photography items.

A lot of restaurants end up spending a great amount on hiring a professional photographer while some don’t even have enough budget to get professional help. Well, using a food photography service is the run-of-the-mill way and it’s going to cost you a huge amount of money to get your dishes professional photos.

So we will tell you some restaurant food photography tips and tricks with which you can take pictures like a professional photographer, that too by using your phone camera.

restaurant photography, food photography, smoke photography, restaurant marketing, YumzyX

In this situation, you have to behave like that freaky customer. The customer who is desperate to click a perfect food shot right after his dish is served on the table. Understand this behavior and revel in the passion to achieve that eureka moment of clicking an Instagram-worthy picture.

Understanding Consumers

  1. Observe your customers, even if you have to sneak a peek at their table. See how they angle their phone and the way they adjust the lighting to bring out that master shot for their Instagram feed.
  1. You can even speak to your picture-savvy guests, they will definitely help you out with this. In addition, striking a small conversation can leave a great impression on your customers. Therefore, It’s going to bring them to your restaurant every other week.

Once you do the basic research and get a hang of taking food shots from different basic angles. You can level up your restaurant’s photography by experimenting with a variety of props like smoke, cutlery, vibrant tablecloths, etc. This way you can add consistency to your Instagram page by highlighting your brand colors in your food shots.

Apart from getting exposed to food photography by observing patterns, designs, and textures in your vicinity, you have to turn theory into action by experimenting with a plethora of compositions with which you can click professional photos of your restaurant food.

Food and Beverages make an excellent subject to capture the art and aesthetics of your restaurant brand identity. Using this type of still food photography, you can achieve incredibly artistic results. But great food photography means more than just snapping what’s on the plate.  Here are a few quirky composition ideas to curate a dazzling Instagram feed to attract a huge number of customers to your restaurant-

restaurant photography, food photography, smoke photography, restaurant marketing, YumzyX

Smoke photography 

  1. If you feel like tapping into such kind of quirky photography then always shoot from an eye level, don’t go for a flat-lay. Smoke is best captured through an eye-level shot.
  2. Always use a dark backdrop, because the smoke is grey and it may get merge with a bright backdrop. Use either cardboard or a black cloth.
  3. Some smartphones come with a manual feature. Those features lets you adjust things like shutter speed, brightness, ISO, tint, shadows, curves, etc. So, use it to the max to capture the smoke wafting in the air.

Playing with the surface

  1. Look out for relevant textures, patterns, or shades that resonate with the essence or presentation of your dish. Be it a wooden chopping board, a marble kitchen countertop, or a melamine plate, experiment with whatever elements you come across.
  2. No matter what surface you choose, make sure that it’s decluttered. A clean & minimal background will give some white space to your shot thereby making it more breathable.

Garnish your dish

  1. Think of your restaurant dish as a canvas. Try to add different patterns using sauces, cutlery, spoons, tweezers, ladles, fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary, etc.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use sauces, patterns & textures to give your food shots an artistic touch.

Check your angles

  1. If you are planning to capture a juicy grilled beef sandwich, consider clicking it from the side angle. It would aptly define the juicy layers of the rich filling.
  2. For salads, prefer to take top angle shots, so that you can show the intricacies of the elements arranged on the plate.

Restaurant photography lighting

Preferably set the backlight or the side lighting on the top of your subject and refrain from leveling the light source with your subject to achieve the perfect restaurant photography lighting. 

The Conclusion

Wrap up your restaurant food shoot by creating a corpus of images. Finalize them and edit them using Adobe Lightroom, PicsArt, In-shots, Snapseed, or any other editing app of your choice. You can also advertise your restaurant through the professional photos. If you are looking for take professional photos of restaurant food to advertise your restaurant, you can visit our blog for more information 

Editing your pictures is going to add a cherry to the cake. Play with the details, colors, hues, textures, and ubiquitous elements to make your food shots Instagram-worthy.

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