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Self-Pickup: The next big thing in online food ordering

Lots of our users have been asking for our reasons for shifting from delivery to self-pickup services. We break down why this matters to you, the current scenario in the F&B industry, and will give you a cheese burst of facts about our new initiative. 

Cost-breakdown in the delivery process

The cost breakdown depends on the restaurant’s inventory cost, cooking and packaging cost, delivery partner cost (depending on the distance), taxes (as per the local and national laws), and the commission of third-party apps to run the business. These are the basic costs that restaurants incur in the food delivery process.

Is the ‘customer king’ in the Food & Beverage Industry? 


With this approach, It’s tough for restaurants to even survive in the market. The food and beverage industry is suffering a lot in terms of business opportunities to serve customers with discounts and cashback. Ultimately, the food is being compromised in terms of quantity as there is no way to serve a good quantity of food along with a huge amount of discounts and cashback. 

On the other side, the gig economy workers are suffering in the market. You must have been observing the shortage of delivery partners at Swiggy and Zomato. The delayed delivery, the quantity of food not being adequate, issues with delivery partners, and, of course, charging high for online orders have been some of the major issues that customers are facing across India. That’s where Yumzy took a step to initiate self-pickup services. 

We launched this initiative to reduce the enormous costs associated with the food delivery mechanism. Now the customer does not have to pay an extra amount for delivery charges, and there will be no room for customer complaints as the self-pickup will make the online orders flow entirely transparent. You’re probably wondering why anyone would choose online ordering. Discounts! Yes, we promote discounts and cashback along with good food. The reduction in the cost of delivery partners and customer complaints can be used for customer satisfaction. Yumzy strives to be more transparent and provide the best services to customers along with huge discounts and cashback without sacrificing the quantity or quality of food! This initiative will also help the restaurants build direct business-customer relationships, promoting healthy competition in the food industry. Take a look at our previous blog to know how the Self-Pickup option became a success in Guntur. 

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