Signs your brand needs mobile application

The present hyperlocal businesses have extremely changed than what they were earlier. Tech innovations have helped brands reach customers in a very personalized way and your brand may needs mobile application. Right from social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram to customized web pages and mobile applications, brands have found creative ways to reach their customers directly and deliver their products. 

While owning a business website is essential for curating online presence, a lot of brands may require a mobile application to improve customer satisfaction, build brand value or even increase sales volume. However, it is possible to identify what drives the brand towards creating a mobile application with these clear indicators.

Your competitors have one 

Let’s face it, the retail landscape is no less than a competition. The hyperlocal market especially, witnesses numerous brands popping up each day.

 brand needs mobile application

Research shows that 40% of consumers shift to businesses that ease delivery and own a mobile application. The after-effects of the year 2020 have brought more reasons for consumers to choose digital platforms over offline ones. Hence, it is important to keep up with times and provide better convenience to your customers on par with your competitors. 




You depend extremely on third-party apps

Leveraging on aggregator platforms isn’t bad until your business revenue solely depends on it. Besides losing the direct customer relationship, third-party applications cost a fortune just to stay live on their platform. Aggregators deliver volume, but definitely at a huge cost. 

 brand needs mobile application

Consumer behaviour has been redefined ever since third party applications came into existence. Hence expecting customers to visit your restaurant website to place an order may not be invalid, as mobile applications deliver more convenience. Owning a personalised mobile application generates more brand value and helps you shift to a 0% commission model.       




Your average order value is 400+

Whether it’s on aggregator platforms or your website, if your brand has already seen a great magnitude of response, your business is already booming. The reason may be your product quality or price value that makes you reach a big number. While this portrays a sign of a healthy business, brand identity flourishes when tech efforts are prevailing. Right from customer data to user behavior can be retrieved when brands get tech-savvy with a personalized mobile application. This in turn can be used for customer retention programs and marketing purposes.  


Your target audience uses one

The best way to determine if your business needs a mobile application is by understanding your audience. If your consumers are mostly Gen-Z or Millennials, it is very obvious that your customers have a habit with mobile applications and undoubtedly give a positive response when brands come up with made-to-order applications. 

As a matter of fact, studies show that online shopping and ordering applications grew to 70% in the past two years. This indicates a clear urge to develop business applications to gear up in the tech-obsessed era.          


You wish for customer retention

Acquiring customers for a business can be easy, either by offering discounts or giveaways. Nevertheless, what remains tough is retaining your customers back to your business.

 brand needs mobile application

Keeping loyal customers aside, brands need to focus on customer retention if planning for long-term business growth. A business mobile application enables you to do that effortlessly. For instance, providing cashback on every purchase or offering a referral program helps in retaining customers. In a way, this also builds a direct relationship with customers and helps build a positive brand outlook.  



A misconception that many brands have is believing that “mobile applications are meant for big businesses”, however, many forget that shifting to become more tech independent is what made them “Big”. We at YumzyX believe that every hyperlocal brand can reach great heights, especially when it comes to building digital assets. With our AI-powered automated approach, we help brands in building personalized business mobile applications, powered with customer retention programs such as referrals, gamification and cashback offer that help your sales grow constantly while restoring the direct touch with your customers. Visit to know more!

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