Ways to Tackle Restrictions on Food Businesses


There have been rumors doing the rounds that the Indian government is about to impose a partial lockdown from the fourth week of March. As serious as this situation seems, there have also been rumors that schools, colleges, and all public gathering places are to be shut-off for the public. We’re pretty sure you’re wondering “What about businesses?!”. Let’s understand the ways to tackle restrictions on food businesses. 

Undoubtedly, It’s a very well-known fact that businesses took a huge hit the first time the country went into complete lockdown. Although some might even say that the food and hospitality industry took the biggest hit of them all. Restaurants have been struggling to see some profits and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon. In the budget announcement of the fiscal year 2021-22, the food and restaurant industry did not see any stimulus package or tax relief, unfortunately. Another lockdown would mean increased dependence on aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato, leading to a decrease in revenue because of no walk-in customers. 

However, is the F&B industry ready to take another blow while still recovering slowly from the previous lockdown? Do you think they can tackle another lockdown? What tricks do they have up their sleeves?

One of the major issues for the food businesses during the previous lockdown was that they were completely depending on aggregators and paying higher commissions.

How can you ride out another lockdown?


tackle restrictions on food businesses

Build trust with your customers.

Make sure that your packaging is right. Deliver your package in time and pay attention to your special instructions.

Follow hygiene guidelines.

Ensure you follow all the COVID-19 guidelines such as regular temperature checks, frequent sanitization as well as your team wearing masks and gloves.

Become independent by adopting new technologies and techniques like websites, applications, etc.

Get your online ordering platform and ask your customers to order from you directly. 

Promote your brand on multiple platforms using various techniques and offers. 

Attract customers from different platforms by being active on social media and by giving exciting offers.

Focus on customer retention as much as customer acquisition.

Since you have your platform you can use your customers’ data to retain them and this would also help in customer acquisition.

Adopt various marketing strategies to reach out to as many customers as possible.

We are in the digital age where anything and everything is possible from anywhere. Furthermore, using Facebook ads, Google ads, and Instagram ads can help to reach out to new customers.

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Loved the solutions? Excited to scale up your business?  

But how to build your platform?

We’ve got you covered! In conclusion, YumzyX helps you build your very own platform and connect directly with your customers. Our services can help to tackle restrictions on food businesses.

  • Online ordering platform to take commission-free orders online
  • Delivery Market Integration
  • Omnichannel marketing support 
  • Automated customer support (AI CHATBOT)
  • Automated payment settlement and dispute handling mechanism
  • Order Growth Advisory
  • Re-marketing integration with Facebook, Google, and Instagram support
  • Branding Advisory
  • Data analytics with consumer behavior consultation
  • Customer feedback and ticketing mechanism

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