Ways to advertise restaurant on Instagram for free 

For restaurateurs looking to bolster their brands, Instagram is a splendid platform to advertise and it is important to understand the ways to advertise restaurant on Instagram for Free. Being a common platform for your brand and customers, Instagram is indeed where you can leverage the most of your organic marketing with advanced metrics and insights.. 

However, if you’re thinking that Instagram marketing will get you instant results in your order volume, you’re mistaken. Instagram marketing for restaurants runs on the “word of mouth” strategy influencing potential profiles to discover your brand. In simple terms, customer experience becomes your content, which is encouraged by your potential audience. 

The major reasons why the strategy of advertising customer experience works for your restaurant are mainly two:

  1. Your customers feel involved
  2. They feel valued

Once your customer enjoys these two perks, Instagram marketing for your restaurant will be flattered with a flood of likes, shares, and followers. Bringing a personalized effect in your restaurant marketing strategy helps you build a positive brand image with a human touch. 

Here are 3 creative ways with real-time examples of how your restaurant can advertise itself by utilizing its customer experience on Instagram. 

1.Capturing Happy Diners 

This technique is quite simple. All you have to do is click a few of the “Oh so tasty” moments of your diners or customers having food (of course some good time) at your restaurant. Once captured you can post it on your Instagram page tagging your diners and captioning it well with the event or scenario.  

Here’s an example of how you can take good photos of your customers enjoying their meals at your restaurant. 


Advertise restaurant on Instagram for Free
Image Credits: Malgudi Mylari Mane


Note: Do not take too many photos or cause inconvenience to your visitors while dining. You wouldn’t want them to have an embarrassing experience at your restaurant. Ask for their consent before posting and tagging their profiles on your post. 

2. Repost tagged Images 

Taking an exquisite picture of the food and posting it on Instagram before devouring the dish has become a norm on social media platforms. This is the reason, you might’ve seen diners clicking numerous pictures before having their meals. To leverage this activity, all you’ve to do is request them to tag your restaurant’s page on their post and repost it later. While you get free marketing on social media, your diners get to deserve the limelight on your page. So it’s a win-win.

Here’s an example of how you can repost your patron’s pictures.

Advertise Restaurant on Instagram for Free
Image Credits: Haiku, The Asian Kitchen


3. Posting Reviews 

Testimonial marketing is the induction to get more customers. New diners are always influenced by online reviews and feedback from your existing customers. Statistics show that 90% of new customers look for online reviews before visiting. This calls for bringing good exposure to your customer reviews, especially the positive ones. All you need to do is ask for reviews from your diners and post them on your Instagram.

Here’s how you can promote & advertise your restaurant on Instagram for free by using customer reviews. 

Advertise restaurant on Instagram for Free
Image Credits: Super Anna


Churning out creative content is the only way a restaurant business can perform well in its Instagram marketing strategy. This strategy of harnessing your customers’ experience helps you maintain a friendly brand image across your social media presence. 

In simple words, your customers are indirectly your brand ambassadors. However, this marketing approach is moderate time consuming yet yields prolonged results organically. 

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