ways to reach customers directly without Aggregator

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to know “Who exactly you’re selling to” The ultimate goal of every business is not just to sell the product, but to sell the brand. Think about it, a restaurant owner whose business runs in a bustling city which competes with hundreds of restaurants, can not stand out the mass unless they offer something different to its customers. No matter how active one is on an aggregator’s platform, brand recognition and customer retention scores stay low until one becomes independent after finding ways to reach customers directly.

Studies show that consumers believe in brand recognition and that it’s a human tendency. However, in today’s day and age, the aggregator takes all the credit. Any consumer who regularly purchases a product is loyal to the seller, but not to the aggregator’s platform where they buy from.

ways to reach customers directly


In this loophole, the businesses burn opportunity cost for brand recognition over making sales on a third-party platform. Here are 3 ways how one can reach customers directly without depending on any third-party applications or aggregators. 

1) Owning a personalized website

ways to reach customers directly


Creating a website for a business isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Web presence generates more brand recognition and helps one’s audience understand their business goals better. After the unforeseen effects of 2020, most of the businesses that were solely dependent on offline practices have started operating digitally. In the current scenario, the volume of internet users has increased exponentially. This implies that a large part of consumers expect sellers to be available online as well.

Key Benefits:
* Brand recognition
* Product catalogue
* Order generation
* Higher consumer reach
* Google search benefits

2) Social media
While it might not be the first choice to directly link the business with revenue generation, social media is a great tool for marketing and advertising. Thanks to social media, reaching a potential audience has not only become easier but also helps businesses perform plenty of activities to understand customer needs.


ways to reach customers directly


While most of the businesses use social media solely for marketing purposes, few brands make their mark and use social media in a unique way to create their own identity. For instance, Pizza Hut uses Facebook messenger as their customer support system and this isn’t just cost-effective but also a smart way to solve customer problems.

Key Benefits:
* Easy consumer connection
* Aids in networking
* Builds brand value
* Increases market reach
* Drives visitors to your e-store
* Facilitates marketing activity

3) Mobile application
Remember when customers used to call and ask business owners about operational timings or about the availability of certain products? Eventually, the questions evolved from enquiring about their website to whether they have an application. This is the journey of every business operating online in the market today. Creating a mobile application for the business not only signifies the willingness of a brand to provide services to customers but also their ability to keep up with the times.

Moreover, businesses can easily discover their potential ways to reach customers directly through a mobile application. A simple push notification or an SMS can re-engage users to place orders. This doesn’t just generate revenue but also curates more e-space that businesses can utilize in leveraging brand image. To know the signs which can tell you that your brand need a mobile application, you can visit our blog  https://blog.yumzyx.com/signs-your-brand-needs-mobile-application/

Key Benefits:
* Easy revenue generation
* Instant updates & reminders
* Develop customer loyalty
* Create personalized content
* Direct user interaction
* Adds brand value
* Tracking customer behaviour

Starting off with any one of these strategies might not be that easy. Building a brand that survives in the market forever needs a specialized team that can help you in not just upgrading your brand, but also enhances and smoothen the roadmap to engage and retain your customers. YumzyX enables you to attain these goals in the most personalized way.

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