Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant Business

8 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Restaurant Business in 2022

8 Digital marketing strategies for your restaurant business in 2022 – India

Restaurants are at every nook and corner in majority of the streets in India. And the digital era now demands the businesses to have an online presence, to create a better reach among the audience. People often ask “Why is my restaurant less popular despite providing the best offers and delicacies in town”. Well, the definite answer to that would be lack of proper marketing.

Marketing your business to the right audience is crucial for sustaining and staying ahead of your competitors. So, we have pinned down 8 effective ways to strategise digital marketing for your food business. With no further wasting of time, let’s dig in to these strategies one by one…

Social Media Engagement

In these times of changing trends, running a restaurant business without any social media presence can be back firing. The food trends have changed and foodies are craving to explore new cuisines and restaurants, and the easy accessible tool is social media. But managing your social media should be done effectively and needs to be made sure that the content is of high quality.

The social handle can turn out to be a real game changer if maintained decently. Now a days most of the young people spend a fourth of their time on social media. So, foodies have a decent urge to explore new cuisines and restaurants, that they come across on IG and FB platforms.

So, maintaining high quality images of the cuisines, the ambience of the restaurant and locality can be really encouraging for the profile visitors. 


Creating a digital presence and identity has become crucial in the current market conditions. With more than 60% of the global population having the internet accessibility, it has become a must for even offline businesses to maintain a website.

When you create and maintain a well built website, it gives a certain credibility to your business and along with a sense of brand awareness among the audience. It is also a source of low advertising asset as it helps in reaching to a broader audience and making it easier for the users to find your business locality, special menus, the ambience and the hygiene of the restaurants.

Working on effective SEO practices through out the website makes it much easier for the users to find you online. 


Search Engine Marketing is one of the must to follow practices for every restaurant business. SEM is basically a mix of SEO and Pay-per-click advertising, that can be used to boost the traffic to your website.

Some businesses often tend to ignore this practice, as it might seem a bit time taking and complicated. But this might eventually cost you losing potential customers to your competitors. You need to analyse and add the right keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

Unlike SEO, per-click-ads can help your business in scaling up the ranks quite fast; based on how you improvise or include the desired and relevant keywords.  

Local SEO

It is the new-gen era and nowadays every user are simply looking up for the best restaurants near them, in search engines like Google, Yelp, etc. So, local SEO does play a crucial role in helping the audience find you online, and gives you the extra edge over your competitors.

Ranking on top of your competitors in the searches such as “restaurants near me”…“best restaurants near me”, should be your ultimate goal. Many factors contribute to helping your restaurant business land among the top search results- like utilising local and high volume keywords throughout your website, enlisting in Google My Business and so on.

SEO is often a long game and needs to be constantly put in check by adding and improvising the relevant overtime .

Influencer marketing

Over the years, the influencer marketing strategy has proved to be really effective for many restaurant businesses. Collaborating with the right influencers can help you reach a broader and loyal audience.

You need not choose influencers with millions of followers, but you can rather go with local micro influencers for attracting a loyal audience in the same locality. Choosing food vloggers with established credibility will definitely boost your brand awareness and build traction.

Email Marketing

One of the most underestimated source of a marketing strategy is Email Marketing. The restaurants often do ignore the relevance and possibilities of retaining their customers via. email.

Keeping the audience informed of special offers and cuisines can encourage your them to revisit your restaurant. But spamming the customers with too much of salesy content can be back-firing and you might end up in losing potential customers.


Good quality blogs is an organic source of gradual and consistent traffic to your website. Foodies always love reading and exploring health and nutrition, food facts, local cuisines and so on.

Nowadays the people are very much into learning and experimenting easy to make recipes, garnishing hacks, etc. Following the best SEO practices and milling out quality and relevant content can give a huge boost to your organic traffic.

You need to maintain a consistency, along with a proper content strategy for the best results. 

Food Tech Platforms

The food tech industry has boomed during the Covid-19 era, and has helped thousands of restaurants in creating a brand identity. It has become the new-age form of marketing for the restaurants and the food businesses are able to reach out their brand name and share their cuisines and location to lakhs of customers.

Choosing the right food platform like Yumzy can help you balance the required marketing needs and also benefit on lesser commission for more profitability.

Get in touch with us, if you wish to grow your restaurant business on a flexible and affordable scale

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