How restaurants can tackle the customer support

how restaurants can tackle the customer support

A persistent customer calls every few minutes to check on the status of their order. Sounds like a relic of the past but when restaurants interact with their customers directly, they are bound to have a similar interaction quite frequently. An independent online ordering platform is a great start to get orders directly from customers, but at times restaurants might feel overwhelmed when they have to resolve delivery and customer support queries. Especially, when they lack the tools to do so effectively or when they simply don’t have enough manpower. Nowadays, restaurants lack choices in how to deal with a customer if they have a bad experience. They also fail to understand how restaurants can tackle the customer support.

Strong Customer Relationship

Strict adherence to policies is mandatory for restaurants when they list on third-party ordering platforms. Rejection policies that might lead to being de-listed from the platform, one-sided refund policies due to issues such as spillage, a delayed order, or an undelivered order are some of the issues facing restaurants. Most times, they aren’t even given a choice, and sometimes have to bear the cost when they aren’t at fault. Small and medium restaurants, which lack the negotiating power often bear the brunt of such mandates. Restaurants that take pride in their customer service don’t have a way of knowing if they have made up for a customer’s bad experience.

This has left a bad taste in the mouth for customers and restaurants alike. No business wants to lose out on a loyal customer due to circumstances outside of their control. Building strong customer relationships lays the foundation for the longevity of any business. Failing to understand the importance of it is one of the reasons why most businesses don’t become recognizable brands. We have built a comprehensive platform to ensure restaurants deliver the experience craved by their customers.

Live Order Status

The most frequent query when restaurants cater to their customers directly is regarding the current status of their order. From accepting the order, dispatching it, and till delivery, restaurants can send automated notifications or text messages to their customers keeping them updated at each stage. If an order show delay due to unforeseen circumstances, restaurants have the ability to notify customers directly as well.

Delivery Tracking

Our advanced live tracking helps restaurants and customers keep track of an order when it’s in transit. GPS tracking minimizes the time taken for each delivery while also providing accurate last-mile connectivity. We have partnered with leading delivery providers (Dunzo and Shadowfax). We also provide an option for restaurants to add their own delivery riders for better flexibility.

Delivery Support

Restaurants delivering directly to their customers need a robust support system focused on solving all rider assignment, tracking, and other delivery-related issues. Our support teams provide real-time assistance to our partners and their customers for all delivery-related issues and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

how restaurants can tackle the customer support

Customer Support

Our centralized 24×7 support team ensures no customer queries remain unanswered. We can also guide on how restaurants can tackle customer support. We allow restaurants to focus on their operations while ensuring the best customer experience by handling all queries related to ordering, payment, order cancellation, and more. Restaurants can also take feedback from their customers directly to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

YumzyX provides a comprehensive platform for restaurants to grow and scale up. Check out our blog to learn more about our features and how it empowers hyperlocal brands.

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